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The Nebula Collection


 (nĕb′yə-lə) n. pl. neb·u·lae (-lē′) or neb·u·las 

  1.  A diffuse cloud of interstellar dust or gas or both, visible asluminous patches or areas of darkness depending on the way themass absorbs or reflects incident light or emits its own light.
  2.  A galaxy. No longer in technical use.

 The Nebula collection is the very first Atelier Ampersand collection. It’s inspired by star-filled skies and the vibrant colours that make up the galaxy and the different Nebulae . We try to mimic abstract intergalactic beauty by making macro photographs of colourful liquid surfaces under an artificial light source. This creates dreamy  colours and an endless amount of tiny reflections in the bubbles on the surface that resemble stars in the night sky.

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Our first Nebula collection consists of four different designs; 2 high-contrast monochrome designs and 2 vibrant colourful variations, all of them featuring abstract liquid visuals.

All designs are available as iPhone Case, Post Card, Hahnemühle Photo Pearl 310g print and Hahnemühle Museum Etching 350g fine art print limited to 15 pieces. Available print sizes are 20cm x 30cm and 40cm x 60cm. Post cards are A6 size and are also printed on Hahnemühle Museum Etching 350g fine art paper.

We work with a professional printing lab that ensures the best printing quality on high-quality paper. More information about the Hahnemühle paper we print out can be found here.

Our iPhone Cases are for iPhone 6(s) and are available in a smooth matte finish as wel as a glossy finish.

left: Nebula.004 iPhone 6(s) Case – glossy finish

right: Nebula.004 iPhone 6(s) Case – matte finish

Nebula Post Cards

We used different bath bombs from Lush Cosmetics to create the colourful surfaces. With a ring flash and a macro lens we captured the details of the soapy surface. This resulted in abstract and dreamy liquid shapes that fitted our Atelier Ampersand style perfectly.

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We made the product and promotional pictures ourselves, because it’s fun to do and we feel that good imagery is important. By making them ourselves we were able make them look exactly like we wanted them to look.

Nebula.002 iPhone 6(s) Case – glossy finish

Nebula.003 iPhone 6(s) Case – matte finish