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&& Visits – The most beautiful natural pools of Gran Canaria

&& Visits – The most beautiful natural pools of Gran Canaria
10/06/2017 Jolien Brands

&& Visits – The most beautiful natural pools of Gran Canaria

First things first: we love to travel & photograph ! Every chance we get, we’ll  try to hop on a plane & look for interesting spots to visit and capture. Whether it’s with a DSLR, an analog camera or with a drone,  we’re always trying to make remarkable shots, regardless of the platform. Since recently, we started taking aerial photographs with the DJI Mavic and it delivers some impressive shots of views that are impossible to spot from the ground as you can see when you scroll further down.

The last few months we’ve kind of been obsessed with the Canarian Islands. Last year  in December we travelled to Gran Canaria and a month ago we visited Tenerife. We were so impressed by the rugged and wonderful nature on the islands that we made it our ambition to visit all of the Canarian Islands. So if you are looking for some travel tips for Tenerife or Gran Canaria, keep an eye on our blog or feel free to send us a message!

When we arrived in Gran Canaria we were astonished by how clear and blue the water  was everywhere. You could actually see the bottom of the ocean in some places, which created amazing patterns and colours on the surface.

We visited a few of the finest natural pools on the island and wanted to share some of these with you  We listed some of our favourites for you and included some of the pictures that we made on the spot. Enjoy!  

Piscinas de Roque Prieto

This is a bathing and relaxing spot in the north of Gran Canaria. You can truly disconnect from the world here and enjoy the peace and quiet. But watch out for some very slippery spots!We can tell… one of us slipped and took very close look at one of the rocks surrounding the pool.  

Las salinas de Agaete

These pools are really special. They are connected by volcanic tubes! You have a stunning view on the rugged northwest coast of the island here.

Playa Boca Barranco

This is one of the larger natural pools. A wide fringe of rocks protects it from the crashing Atlantic waves.

Did you like our take on the natural pools? Which one would you visit? Let us know in the comments! For more information take a look at this website; we got a lot of information about the location of the pools over there. 

Jolien & Joakim
Atelier Ampersand

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