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Atelier Ampersand.
About Us.

Atelier Ampersand is a multidisciplinary design studio founded by graphic designer Jolien Brands and photographer Joakim Steyls. In their love for eachother they also found a mutual love for entrepreneurship and creating beautiful objects. This resulted in the creation of Atelier Ampersand early 2017.

Atelier Ampersand stands for unique and refined products featuring abstract self-designed imagery that make you wonder how it was created. It’s an exclusive lifestyle brand that creates items ranging from photo prints and fine art prints to iPhone cases, postcards and ceramics.

Most of our Atelier Ampersand designs are inspired by interesting details in our daily surroundings. We try to capture these details by combining our graphic design and photography experience.
Every few months we will release a capsule collection that consists of several products linked by a common theme. This way we will provide you with new things on a regular basis. We’ll offer you a range of qualitative custom products, featuring our own designs, that reflect our personal visual style and identity.

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